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Where will the massage take place?

In the comfort of your own home, usually in the living room, den or office. There needs to be approximately a 6’x12’ open space to be able to set up the table.
For more about the procedures during in home massage please look at New Clients page

What do I wear?

In home massage
Wear comfortable clothes. Something that is easy for you to change in and out of for the massage. Client disrobes to comfort level. Often clients are unclothed, but always stays properly draped; however, some clients choose to wear under garments.

Sports massage
Men – wear loose fitting shorts and underwear. Women – wear loose fitting shorts, underwear and a sports bra

Client does not need to remove any articles of clothing.

What parts of the body do you massage?

Full body massages focus on the on client’s shoulders, back, hips (including glutes), front/back legs, feet, arms, neck and face. Prior to the massage client and therapist discuss the areas that need to be massaged (or restricted areas if desired) and the client’s desired goals. Strict Massage Etiquette is followed at ALL TIMES.

How long can a massage be?

A massage can be as short as 5 minutes up to 2 hours. Massages under 30 minutes focus on a specific area of the body and are usually performed in the massage chair. Full body massage can be done in an hour on the table. However, it is recommended if client has chronic pain or multiple areas that need focused massaged to receive a 90 minute or 2 hour massage.

Longer times are recommended if you have.

• Chronic pain
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Migraines
• Reduce range of motion
• Allergies or sinus infections
• Sports injuries
• Scar tissue from surgeries or prior accidents

**It is not abnormal to work on the interior shoulder and rotator cuff muscles 15-45 minutes or spend 30 minutes total on the glutes depending how tight the muscles are. *** Back 2 Balance LLC massages are 60 minutes “handson” as opposed to some locations that have 50 minutes hands
on. You need to include 15 minutes prior and after massage session to allow time for set-up and break down.

How often should a person get a massage?

This is a very typical question and the answer varies on a number of things:

• Quality of massage and pressure applied to trouble areas.
• Poor quality massages that do not address the problem areas, client often needs more massages. As opposed to quality massage from a trained certified professional, generally affects trouble areas more and the effects of the massage lasts longer. Having a “cookie cutter” massage is a great example of relaxing at the time without any lasting effects.
• Severity of tense or tight muscle o Sometimes one session is enough to loosen chronically tight muscles. Other times it is necessary for a client to schedule follow up sessions in order to stop a reoccurring issue or completely eradicate the problem altogether.
• Level of stress and lifestyle the clients lives o Most clients receive monthly or bi-monthly massage. Receiving massage will help reduce stress, relieve tight muscles, and aid in relaxation. For people who lead stressful lives or have chronic tight muscles, a massage every week or every two weeks is recommended. Discuss different options with the massage therapist

Why go to different massage therapist?

It is a common response for a therapist to hear “Oh, I already have a massage therapist. I have been going to him/her for years.” Although loyalty is something to be applauded, it is recommended that EVERYONE keep an open mind and try a new therapist every once in a while. Massage is like art, and no two massage therapists are the same. There are great therapists that can do a wide variety of techniques, but the style may or may not be for client every time. Just like many people have the same job description and tasks, some of them excel in specific areas. The same approach is recommended with massage therapy.

Brooks Lyall, manager of Back 2 Balance LLC, personally has 5 massage therapists that she schedules appointments depending on what needs to be worked. She has one for: general aches and pains, another for relaxation/ to feel taken care of, another for neck pain, another for stretching and sports massage and another for deep tissue. Client may choose to schedule with Back 2 Balance LLC as their regular massage provider and go to another massage therapist for a specific need or different technique every once in a while. B2B puts the client on the forefront and caters to their needs regardless of what they might be.

Why do I need to fill out an intake form page before receiving a massage?

The intake form informs the therapist if client has any health problems, are under a doctor’s supervision, recent surgeries or accidents, or are taking medications. This information is crucial when getting a massage, because some conditions massage is contraindicated and may harm client more then help.
In the event that the client is under doctor’s care, please talk to the doctor FIRST about massage, and get a written recommendation for massage.

How far in advance to I need to make an appointment? May I schedule same day?

Although you may schedule the same day, in order to get desired date and time scheduling in advance is a huge advantage. Yes, if therapist is available you may book and appointment the same day. However, schedule may be full, in which case therapist will work client into the next available time slot. The earlier client makes an appointment the better chance therapist will be able to accommodate the time client is looking for.

Is it possible that massage can help with chronic pain I’ve had for years?

Yes. Many clients have felt relief from chronic pain in as little as one session. However, depending on the severity of muscle tension and cause of pain, more massage sessions may be needed. After a massage client should feel a noticeable difference in muscle tension, and it is not uncommon to feel lighter and able to move easier. Massage or bodywork should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment and that client should see a physician, chiropractor or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical illness.

What if I need to cancel?

Last minute changes and unexpected twists are always expected in life. If the need to cancel arises B2B requires a 24 hour cancellation notice from the scheduled appointment time. However, after the 24 hour period has expired client will be charged for the full amount. In the event of an emergency (ie. Death, unexpected sickness, etc) therapist discretion will be used to determine.

When am I too sick to have a massage?

If client has:
• a fever – usually means the body is fighting a virus or bacteria, both of which are contagious especially the day before symptoms show and the next 72 hours.
• has red, watery, matted or discharge of the eye – could be an eye infection
• Constant runny nose – germs spread easily through drainage
• Constant cough – germs may spread through coughing

**If the client has any of the symptoms above, please call to cancel appointment. While client might want to feel taken care of or really wants a massage, the reality is a massage may make the client feel worse and speed up the symptoms.

Should I tip?

Gratuity is always appreciated but not necessary. The rate of $70 per hour has all expenses included and it is the only cost the client will be charged.