Mission statement

To provide an unparalleled experience with each massage. Create a systematic personalized massage based on the clients needs and enrich the lives of my clients each time.

What to expect

In home massages require a preliminary public 15 min meet and greet. This is a requirement in order to place in your hands all pertinent information regarding Back 2 Balance LLC; new client welcoming gift, as well as general Q&A.

In Home Massage Guidelines and Procedures

Arrival to massage destination will be 15 min prior to scheduled time. This allows time for set-up, prep time, and general information gathering (intake form, massage goals, etc) and any Q&A.
At this time please turn off or silence any mobile devices to help with your personal relaxation
Therapist will make 2 trips prior to the start of each session to allow for set up and prep work, and another 2 at the end of the session for clean up and break down.

Standard massage etiquette is strictly followed.

Therapist will be given a “neutral” zone outside of the room to wait for the client prior to the start and end of each session.
Massage Therapist will be absent while client disrobes (to their comfort level), and will not come in until the client has given their consent and has followed procedure.
At the end of the session, therapist will remain in the neutral zone until client steps out of room to indicate the massage has ended. Therapist will then proceed to clean up and break down equipment in front of the client.
Payment is provided during the clean up and break down period prior to therapist loading up equipment to leave.
A follow up call will be provided to gain information on overall wellness and to provide a better experience in the future.

In Home Massage Perks

Select your own playlist. Relaxing music is provided but who wouldn’t like to relax to their own personal favorite mix?
Room temperature is always right. Space heaters, fire places, or fans are a welcomed addition to enhance your experience.
Provides the opportunity for the client to enjoy a quality service while removing possible negative exponents (ie. Bad weather, limited time due to tight scheduling, or perhaps a mobility issue for the clients themselves).