In home massage

Managing Massage Therapist travels to client’s residence and provides professional massage services. Mobile massage is a staple and well renowned service in many large cities.  It provides an opportunity for the client to enjoy a quality service while removing possible negative exponents (ie. Bad weather, limited time due to tight scheduling, or perhaps a mobility issue for the clients themselves).  Back 2 Balance LLC provides all the necessary equipment for this luxurious experience including massage table, clean linens (or client may provide their own if they so choose), and lotion. It is as simple and convenient as call, schedule, and provide an open 6×12 foot area. Back 2 Balance does the rest.  That’s it!!


1 hour


90 minute


2 hour

To find out about the membership program and other discounts check out Rates.

Chair massages for office

After extensive research and numerous studies chair massages have shown to assist in employee moral and loyalty, boost work production, helped reduced stress levels and prevent repetitive-stress injuries. Not to mention it is a great incentive as a way to reward employees. $1 a minute
Plus a small travel fee – fee depends on the location
To find out about the membership program and other discounts check out Rates.

Description of Massage Services

Just like each of us are unique and deal with our unique stress levels, each massage is catered to the client’s troubled areas. From focusing on helping you release stress, a specific muscle pain that might be bothering you, or just a general body recovery day for you to refuel. When it comes to your body’s well being there is no such thing as “extreme measures”.  Relaxing you and having you enjoy your massage is my priority and you are the investor.  If you feel the need for me to work 30 min on your shoulder, your investment and decision making will be honored along with possible suggestions to relieve that stubborn spot.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage techniques focus on general relaxation and using firm to gentle or gliding strokes, kneading motions, rhythmic tapping over the body in order to promote circulation, reduce stress and help relieve muscular tension.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage techniques focus on relieving muscle tension, reducing knots and increasing mobility in the body using a combination of active and passive techniques. The technique I use most often is Active Engagement; by knowing the muscle’s functions the client will contract the specific muscle while I massage or apply pressure to the contracted muscle then the client relaxes the muscle. This technique has helped many of my clients with shoulder, low back/hip pain, carpel tunnel and migraines, in just one visit!

Sports massage

Pre-Event massage techniques focus on preparing an athlete’s body for the event. By using longer quicker strokes, there is an increase of blood flow, which in turn allows for more oxygen to get to the muscles, which helps prevent sureness and tenderness in the muscles and joints, injuries, stiffness, inflammation and fatigue while minimizing recover time.

Post event massage techniques focus on reducing lactic acid build up after a long race or a hard muscle exertion and encourage the muscles to recover in less time. During a post even massage there will be more stretching and massage techniques to help promote blood flow to the muscles.
In Training massage techniques focus on keeping the body in good working condition to allow you to do what you do whether it be in the gym, on the field, or on the go.  These techniques help reduce chronic tense muscles, reduce knots or adhesions, regain mobility in stiff muscles and reduce stress levels. The massage therapist starts with a light pressure and progressively goes deeper into the sub-layer of the musculature and fascia, to the deepest level that the client can handle.  Before starting the session, the client and therapist will discuss: current workout routine, frequency and length of working out, and what client’s overall goals are. By knowing what the client is currently doing and what the body is used to, the therapist is able to help with muscle relaxation and recovery from stresses on the body.

Deep Tissue massage

Deep tissue techniques are similar to Swedish massage therapy but with deeper pressure to help relieve the tension in the muscle. This kind of work is not for every one but can be very beneficial.